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Le Blanc Laundry Wash

Le Blanc History and Mission

Le Blanc® Laundry Products

The Original Cold Water Cleanser for Natural & Organic Fibers

Recommended laundering choice for fine and antique linens.

Good for your linens and the environment

Le Blanc® test and ensure their products remove stains without using the enzymes typically found in common household detergents. Bleaches and other harsh chemicals found in everyday detergents cause the fibers in fine linens to yellow, break down, or create holes in the fabric. Le Blanc® products have a neutral pH formula specially designed for the preservation of all fine washable fabrics; they are designed for use with cold water to avoid damaging fibers, are free of bleach, caustics, phosphates, sulfates, enzymes, and parabens. Le Blanc® products are100% biodegradable, contain organic ingredients and safe for use in high efficient washing machines. Le Blanc® do not test their products on animals. Learn more

Le Blanc® Laundry Dos and Don'ts

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