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Grey Bed Linens - There's a shade for every season

Grey offers an incredibly versatile colour palette to work with, hence the sustained appeal and challenges of working with it. Technically not a colour, shades correspond to the darker edges of their primary masters. The grey text above is firmly rooted in the red family, where does your favourite grey hail from?

Let's talk about how to handle grey bed linen. Above, St Geneve pairs a graphic texture and complementary solid to create a a soft, dreamy profile that can be toned up or down - mix as shown, change out the graphic duvet for solid grey or use graphic pillows as accent pieces.

Too much grey or dreamy? Switch out grey sheets and pillowcases for fresh, crisp white linens and watch the vibe shift. Also the time to give a thought to fabric choice. Capri is Giza Cotton and while the Gold standard for soft and durable, once you open the door to white how about giving a light weight European Modal or timeless Linen a shot?

Linen is soft, easy to launder and offers two distinct looks - relaxed or ironed and formal. Either way, Linen pairs well with textured duvets and patterns like Revelle's Mantra, where a looser weave provides a balanced contrast. Linen also breaths well, so useful for hot sleepers. Bella Notte white Linen, shown left is legendary and rightly so but add two shades of grey and et voila, a timeless, neutral look that works well in a loft, condo, Mid Century Modern or Victorian.

Have questions or need to talk through your options, you know where to find soon...

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